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An LGBT+ Rom-Com Novella :)


Review Excerpt

Your work never fails to keep me entertained. This was a great stand-alone piece. I also liked that your characters were older this time. Here you were able to show complex relationships from an adult viewpoint. I can definitely see some overlap between your characters. You clearly like writing characters that are goofy and young at heart! I'm guessing you put a piece of yourself in each of your books this way. Love it!



"I need more! More Cam, more Harper, Robbin, and Sunny! I want it all!"


ARC Review

This novella is unexpectedly entertaining. As this isn't a full length novel, it doesn't have room for depth but at the same time, I like that it doesn't belabor too much on the dilemma. The wedding isn't constantly on Charlee's mind. She isn't in love with the groom and she's fully aware from the start that she is just settling to keep her parents happy. I like the chemistry and sexual tension between the main characters despite this book being chaste. At the same time, the author manages to keep the characters from crossing the boundaries of cheating which I know is an important point to some readers.

This story left me with a really good feeling despite some bumps and the fact that it was too early to talk about love and I like it.


ARC Review

Camryn runs into an old friend, Charlee, while playing pool at the local bar with her friends. When their two groups end up hitting it off they find themselves invited to Charlee’s bachelorette weekend in Hawaii. After having lost touch when Cam was transferred at work she and Charlee quickly make up for lost time and find that maybe the feelings they have aren’t just friendly ones.

I really enjoyed this short novella, I liked the plot and and the MCs were very cute together. The side characters were all a little nuts in a good way and I enjoyed all the playful banter amongst the group.

Go For It Reviews: Press
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