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I was so eager to read the next instalment of this episodic story of Marley’s coming of age. Quickly I was reacquainted with the sparky, confident, humorous and slightly dramatic narrator I had loved so much in the first book; although her growing maturity is evident, and her personal reflections are much more penetrative than in the first book. Not only has the narrator herself matured, but the themes of the book have concurrently developed. Marley is able to competently articulate her current inability to articulate her sexuality in a way that is extremely engaging and feels authentic...

...This was another brilliant short story, really it wasn’t much work for me to read it in one sitting because I truly enjoyed reading it! 


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I was very happy to continue reading this series, especially because I thought the first book left readers hanging waiting to know more! I greatly enjoyed this second installment, where we get a quick fast forward to encounter our main character, Marley, starting high school. (Twelve years old no more!) I think this book was stronger as a whole, and not only did I easily pick up my reading from the first, but I got the hang of all the characters and the voice style much easier. I also found that the author got real with some very important topics that kids would absolutely be experiencing at the start of freshman year, like friend group drama, bullying, homophobia, jealousy, and more. It's all done in a realistic and carefully-handled way that shapes the story well. I look forward to completing the Twelve series, as I understand that there's another book soon to come!


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I absolutely loved being in Marley’s head for these books. I found her incredibly relatable and endearing in her way of thinking. Internal conflict was well presented and as Marley learned about herself mainly by observing what went on around her.

This juicy instalment to the series was great fun to read. I liked the love triangle with a twist. The themes were fantastic I felt and would really help a young person who needs help and reassurance about their sexuality.

The characters and events in the book felt realistic and authentic and had me reminiscing about my long-gone high school days at a girl’s school. The arguments and the constant bouncing feelings and embarrassment were all spot-on. The present tense first person POV is perfect for YA and children’s books and it was done well here. Marley had a memorable voice and style and I feel that the energy would just not be the same if it wasn’t done this way. It was just right. With Marley being an overthinker and dramatic at times, she also used plenty of showing and telling as part of the narrative, so it was engaging to read throughout. Sentences varied well and the metaphors and similes she used often made me chuckle. 


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This was a great follow up to the last book. It's so interesting to see Marley two years later. She's still basically the same person, but the events and happenings around her are more adult than before and with higher stakes. Before everything was more dramatic in her own head, but now subjects of suicide, more outward discussions of sexuality and the hate (both self and societal) that can accompany it, and physical intimacy. The content really is growing up with Marley and it makes the stories continue to feel real and natural... 

...I really like the plot progression. I like that the entire book is contained in one school camping trip so it's very easy to follow and read. I never lost track of what was going on and everything was very straightforward. The cliffhanger ending was amazing and makes me wonder if the next book will include a time jump as well or if we will continue from that moment. 


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Your work made for a quick and easy read that didn’t leave me bored in the midst of reading. It’s not my goal to speak about Twelve – What Can Go Wrong’s predecessor, but I had a better experience reading the two books back-to-back than if I would have read the sequel without knowing the context of the first. That being said, this book can honestly stand its ground as a standalone book. I loved the idea of Marley attending summer camp. There are so many possibilities that can be written into the world as camps are usually very engaging for kids, and this proved to be no exception...

...Likewise, Teagan popped out of the page every time she was present in a scene. There was no doubt in my mind that she was Marley’s best friend. I really liked reading about her! She really cemented herself in my mind as a great character. She’s a great friend to Marley and she isn’t afraid to have her voice heard. Overall, the supporting cast of characters was excellent and well-rounded...

...Overall, I thought Twelve – What Can Go Wrong was an amazing read. From healthy representation to an exciting plot with likeable characters, I can imagine this book can be marketed to kids and teens of all ages. I was left satisfied with the ending and I felt that I was already reading a published work during my time with Marley and her friends. 



"What Can Go Wrong definitely takes the cake for me! I'm mad as hell you left us with a damn cliff hanger!"